The Tsar

The Tsar In a trice became lightin the palace.

Dkhir Sinkh did not begin to dig the earth, went down on a bottom of the dried well, put a jug, uncovered with a neck.

Hammered the fountain from a jug water, sparkling, key, also filled to edges well.

The tsar and the people spaced out from surprise.

Not the wizard whether this Dkhir Sinkh?

There came general fun.

The holiday came to the Palace, and in the city too all exulted.

The Tsar was especially glad.

It gave the daughter Prekrasnolikaya Sumukhi Dobroma Dkhir Sinkhu.

Dkhir Sinkh called the illfated brothers, distributed to them also sent a lot of money home for the old woman the mother.


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