Supervision The adult explains It is ants, they the small; there is a lot of theM. Work as Muravyishki, build the house an ant hill.

Show surprising ant paths on the earth and, perhaps, on trunks trees; show how insects transfer hvoinka and sticks.

Supervision is supported with the art word which will help to overcome timidity or aggression at a meeting with unfamiliar in prirode.

Mother addresses to watchfully to the become silent kid I know one girl Marinka.

She too saw these muravyishka.

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Reported on the tsar

Reported on the tsar Reported on the tsar the soninlaw wants to talk to him supposedly.

The tsar ordered immediately prive its st.

And the guy brought to the tsar the complaint What this such?

Why it was kept all night long under a lock?

Leave you it, the sonny!

the tsar answered it.

You are better listen that my daughter told us.

For what you gave it three slaps in the face?

For what refused the bed?

And the guy already thought up what to answer the tsar, after all Happiness and Mind again it was helped.

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Are able

Are able It is good that children are able to forgive us, even without our requests.

Are able while they small, but cease, becoming teenagers.

They lose the ability to forgive if we do not teach them to it.

And the most important any punishment becomes antinakazan I eat in two cases.

If it inconsistent and if in a family is not present unities.

When mother says that the child will not go for a walk because of bad behavior, and right there releases it.

When the child, is punished ny mother, immediately says goodbye the father.

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The desire

The desire After a few years indicate that alcoholics and drug addicts can't more use of alcohol and drugs.

They will no longer feel addicted to this?

They just feel that it is a lie and will not be able to use this as the means of calming himself.

The desire to receive fulfillment grow so, it will not be able to be satisfied fulfillment that give drug Ki or alcohol.

And then to the % will be added % of the population.

It will be terrible!

And what makes it your method?

Why is this, and not the other?

The form of our desire, egoism, takes a global and integral the form, that is we, all people are completely interrelated, and ve demone egoists.

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One morning

One morning Why I give to the old man the production, abused myself sheepdog.

He cooked soup and treated me.

It does not have anything, except vegetables and porridge, the dog confusedly thought.

One morning the old man came on the waste ground, put for ov porridge bowl also told cups Today you, remain in the settlement one.

I should go in the city behind products and mail.

In the evening I will return.

Nobody is necessary to me, and you too, grumbled in reply dog.

The old man put on skis and left on station.

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