Another One little fairy brought a tiny leaf podorozh nickname also put it on a wound.

Another asked God's cows ku to play with the girl the game Rain or Bucket.

And the third on called a breeze that it smoothed to the girl the disheveled hair.

And the girl it became so good that she started smiling and ig host with fairies.

After that the girl always came to a clearing fairies if to it it was bad.

When she grew up big, she did not forget a clearing with fairies and at a difficult moment always called little fairies to the aid.

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Please, approach

Please, approach After that it can return on the place.

To whom addressed, chooses the following pupil and welcomes its just the same in a way.

Thus, this friendly gesture travels up and down on everything to class.

Please, approach only those children who were not greeted yet.

Track that any child was not left without vnimaniya.

Applause around GAME with years Purposes In this remarkable and extraordinary ritual everything occurs on paradoxical logic.

The last become the first.

Game is constructed in such a way that intensity of an applause gradually accrues and reaches the apogee when the last child receives an applause all class.

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We on a berezhka

We on a berezhka And what of them very best?

In a box not to count them!

I will come to the coast together with mother I will look for a new stone!

Game option Next time it is possible to offer game option, in which main subject sign weight.

We on a berezhka will go we will find an easy stone!

The adult shows how to weigh a stone on a palm, keeps saying Heavy, and this heavy, and where the easy?

Draws attention of children to to big piece of pumice.

No, it heavy!

Kirilka declares.

And udivlyaetsya when the stone lays down on its palm Easy!

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For example

For example The teacher bypasses all children and vkla dyvat in hands someone one small toy Kolobok.

This the child sympathetic Kolobok.

Everyone thinks out also races tells Kolobok any difficult situation, in which he got.

Kolobok has to help children to find a fantastic way out from this or that situation.

For example in the wood I was attacked by robbers and bound to to tree.

Kolobok I will call the friend of the hare, and it the of wasps try teeth gnaws through a rope.

After Kolobok on can to any of children, this person changes with him places mi, and game proceeds.

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Attracting The album will develop not only interest and love to fine live, he will help to make a view of the kid of the nature more fixed.

Attracting attention of the baby to, apparently, insignificant phenomena, we help to see in them singularity and beauty.

In an album of the developed child can to appear and such records The wind blew, and water in the small river screwed up the face.

It is ripples; There was a rain, and the earth became red loam in the field; Goats made to itself paths as steps.

You paid attention, what short laconic records.

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