But how will

But how will But much depends on society, the environment, and how the ka such things will develop more in what connection between them, and whether we to reveal this relation.

There is a rigid structure, the person is released as a reprint from printing.

But how will develop in it each property and the relationship between these properties depend on society, from the environment.

Therefore if we can arrange for a person the right environment, we do not going to see people with such problems phobias that are today.

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, all of us very

, all of us very , each of us has a soft toy.

, favourite color each of us blue.

, at each of us mother goes to work.

, all of us very much love macaronI..


, all of us do not take out when somebody peaches , in vacation all of us love to go to the sea.

and so on.

You have fifteen minutes.

That team, which will win will find and will write down the greatest number of common features.

Analysis of exercise Whether you learned something interesting about someone from other children?

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Parents, native

Parents, native We love you and very much we appreciate, Anybody you in life it is not replaceable.

But grant the right to us to solve, As it is better to come to lives.

Mistakes will be all the same, We ask only one from you To understand that quickly we grow, To accept that we get on feet.

Parents, native ours, We matured, became more senior.

Forgive us when we are rude We do not want to be kids!

Believe, we very much love you, We will not forget your care.

We yours feel sufferings Also we will justify expectations!

Questions and tasks As you think why parents often do not notice that them children matured?

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Game We Think

Game We Think Game We Think of the Homeland Children get up in a circle.

The teacher in turn throws a ball to everyone to the child also asks, in what situations of people loves the The homeland, and in what no The person returned from the wood with a bouquet of lilies of the valley; The person plants trees near the house; The person drove up to the lake by the car; The person brought the old car to a special dump for cars; The person threw out garbage in a ditch near the house; After rest in the wood of people dug all garbage; The person gave way in transport to the elderly woman; The doctor was late for work etc.

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It is possible

It is possible It is possible to take off from a nest only on a signal vos feeder.

It is possible to come back to nests only at the poyavl scientific research institute of the car.

The order of Instructions to carrying out game At first the car is represented by the tutor, and then he chooses instead of himself one or several children.

It is possible for the children representing the car in game to give wheels or tags tags should be held podnya ty up.

akshv Can be located with Vorobyshki in nests in circles, nacherchenny on the earth or laid out from cones, pebbles.

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