When all children

When all children Children with tags of blue color freely to group children rutsya near the tutor opposite to a blue tag, with red tags opposite to red.

Then vos the feeder suggests all to take a walk, and children begin ho to dit and run on a platforM. Tutor at this time comes over to other side of a platform and speaks Time, two, three, rather here run!

He stretches in the parties hands with tags, children run to it and gather near tag of the corresponding color.

When all children collect sya, the tutor suggests to lift tags up and on to wave theM. Game is held times.

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On the road

On the road OPINION OF CHILDREN What do you like to eat?

Children of elementary school I dream to eat to satiety sweets.

Of course, something tasty and chips.

I very much love holidays.

Mother prepares much all tasty, and I help it and I try.

I like to eat in McDonald's with parents or in cafe.

I love when the father prepares the tasty.

When I sit at school, I dream of a lunch.

On the road from school I buy some portions of ice creaM. After a lunch I take what is sweet, I lay down on a sofa, I read the book and I eat.

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And black

And black If there are glowworms stars there can be also such big star, bright, as hundred thousand stars at once, warm and joyful … Also is on the earth it is a lot of different paints, not one black.

And black color is a color big lie, color of deception and evil force.

I leave.

And so far zhus now only to the one who will believe in the sun.

Black brothers gave hands to seize the old man, but the white deer struck with a hoof, the earth parted and disappeared the deer, and the old man disappeared.

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And behind

And behind Old men ask Kind people, whether will give a lift us?

Somehow will reach, anything with you it will not be become, not will be scattered!

the barin and the mistress answer.

The driver of horses lashed, and drove a lordly phaeton further.

And behind it other phaeton rolls, and in it two barin's sons sit.

Again old men ask Young people, make a good deed, bring, and we to you century we will be grateful!

On what to us your gratitude!

lordly sonnies laugh.

From it you will not sew a fur coat!

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Everything Mother reddened and nodded.

Everything began with this medallion.

Timka borrowed from the Bug ten rubles to buy it for me.

Girl of a toast la from a pocket of a small Capricorn on a chain also put to mother on a palM. Having listened to the story of the girl, mother jumped out of the house.

It reached by a taxi the station, but then became puzzled.

Before to it tens ways in different directions ran up.

Mother ran after some freight train, and suddenly in her palm that that pricked.

She with surprise found out that still squeezes in a hand of a brilliant Capricorn on a chain.

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