Color marks

Color marks To cause an emotional response at remains, read charming verses .

Alexandrova Sledge swept down, More strong, a doll, keep!

You sit do not fall, There flute ahead!

igra The multicolored finish Game task to move down from a hill on a sledge as it is possible further on one of color marks in the bottom of a slope.

Color marks can be as the main flowers, and their shades if you want to acquaint kids with theM. Didactic tasks to exercise in distinction and naming of flowers and them shades to cause sympathy for a favourite toy, to encourage mutual aid kids during rise.

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All got children

All got children Children went, on what without turning attention, and only when came across to them low svetlozele ny bushes of blackberry or bright red raspberry they for a minute stopped to regale on juicy berries.

All got children into the wood deeper and more deeply.

There was more to brushwood, than on an edge where poor people and more often looked under birat everything that it was possible to take.

Collecting a twig behind a twig, a branch behind a branch children not considerably gathered basketfuls.

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In May when

In May when The camomile learned a voice of the girlfriend and answered Hi, droplet snowflake, again we together.

Again they stirred about everything until the sun took away on sky to a romashkin girlfriend.

In May when the camomile opened the first yellow eye, she felt that again not one.

On its petal sparkled also the dewdrop was poured.

Hi, my dear droplet, my lovely snowflake, mine native bryzgochka, my favourite dewdrop!


I am so glad to see you.

This time only some hours they talked.

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Sometimes The same belongs to games with a throwing.

Sometimes the tutor holds the game calculated on all group, only with small group of children.

It expediently when the tutor puts before itself a task to include in game lowactive ty that they did not feel chilly on walk, or holds game with children who lag behind in any look to a dvizha niya and to them it is necessary to practice.

Children of younger group, especially at first their stay in kindergarten, it is possible to include in game not at the same time, and serially one part of group, then another.

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But if we give

But if we give I can't to be in communication with someone who is taller than me by two notches, but only with the nearest step which is a little above me.

With the right approach and under cooking, kids from the second class should teach the first graders.

Naturally, I'm not talking about academic disciplines.

But if we give the right train of all, the child, grown for a year, will be able to help and take care my youngest.

The question is whether this method for all ages?

It is suitable for all ages, and we must adapt this under the move to our jizni Human development from to The link You speak of, dynamic?

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