Having seen

Having seen The palace blinked and lit up in the bright pink color.

Ania looked at it and remembered how the sister taught it in the summer to float and as read it fairy tales when she was ill.

The girl did not know, how many passed time, before on to ladder steps and to the room were heard mother, the father entered, uncle Volodya and little sister Ksyusha.

Having seen the shining palace, all stood in amazement.

See, I spoke, and you did not trust me cried Ksyusha.

You know, An, I took offense and escaped in park.

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It is necessary

It is necessary Then game is resumed.

It is necessary to repeat game times.

Rules of the game Children leave the house on a signal Go for a walk!

Children run home on the tutor's signal Rain went!

Instructions to carrying out game Game can be complicated gradually children in the beginning occupy any chair, and then only the.

Instead of a lodge it is possible to arrange a figurative canopy from a matter, a big scarf or a blanket to stretch which child from senior groups helps the tutor py.

Children hide from a rain under a canopy.

At first children gather under a canopy in an opreda Lynn a place, and then the canopy is arranged in different me platform sta.

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Thanks for a crop, polyushko, the old man bowed. Thanks, kernels

Thanks for a crop, polyushko, the old man bowed. Thanks, kernels Unless the field hears the person?

the girl was surprised.

If kernels did not hear you, they on you not took offense, the old man noticed.

The girl sighed and gave to the grandfather a hand.

There were they long and, at last, approached the field earing gold wheat.

Thanks for a crop, polyushko, the old man bowed.

Thanks, kernels that you feed us with bread.

Forgive I, please, was asked by the girl.

Oh, the grandfather, look, some car on edge of a field zayekha la and cones crumpled, the girl exclaimed, having shown on the wide strip of the laindown ears.

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He hears

He hears He looks at life in a clever and above.

The question is how and at what age, he understands it?

Actually it is not important, because in any case leaves it from signets.

Perhaps he does not understand, but he had the impression that the world great, everything is open.

He feels that involved had included his destiny in the world.

He hears about the problems of ecology and Economics, on the world the first crisis that development began many thousands of years ago, and now everything must change.

This is a very broad Outlook.

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Etc. On a leaf

Etc. On a leaf In the face of kids on a leaf there are extended brown points which are built on twisting trajectory.

It is necessary to draw very quickly, that to the kid not bored.

Suggest the kid to draw too muravyishka.

And if they will go astray, beat this circumstance Likely, saw longlong stick for an ant hill.


On a leaf fluently blades, horizontal strokes of a background the earth are outlined.

Mother sums up I wrote Saw ant paths.

Does the large signature printing letters.

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