However as practice, in certain

However as practice, in certain However as practice, in certain cases shows some psychophysiological features of the child, pedagogical neglect, absence of motivation to training, etc.

at the first stages of interaction with the pupils not ready to acceptance of responsibility for own study, in the course of correctional work of the psychologist or work of the teacher at a lesson or interactions of parents and the child when performing homeworks expediently implementation of the individualization of the I type assuming control of the adult over activity of school students Depending on a way of perception of the world and a training material in particular pupils conditionally share on intuitivist and logisticians.

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Whenever The accurate but not offending control over performance by the child of tasks the regular check of notebooks, diary, oral poll.

Whenever possible granting to the child with SDVG of the first school desk where it is easier for the teacher to control his behavior, and audience round it and opportunities to distract it is less.

Explaining a training material, it is desirable for receiving feedback for a thicket to look in the face to the child.

Correlation of volume of a training material with a volume of attention of the child reduction of volume tasks, extra time for end of the begun task, breaks between tasks, demanding active attention, giving for a short period only small volume of new material, etc.

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Number Belchonok The stock is absent.

Number of players .

In one igryvsa participants become in a circle, in the middle of it the driving belchonok.

Participants have to go on and to speak to a circle Rules You, belchonok of ryzhenkiya, With a tail downy, We water gave to drink to you, Yes fed with nutlets.

You do not bite us, Better with us play.

Whom you want catch up!

After these words all players run up, and driving has to catch theM. That participant who will be caught the first, becomes driving.

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Material. bars

Material. bars Thus pays attention to that the left ends of a bar lay on one straight line.

When all bars are ordered, the teacher runs a hand over steps of the turnedout ladder.

Numerical bars with plates with x years Purposes acquaintance to quantities , ; ability to see interrelation of quantity and symbols.


bars of the same sizes, as red bars.

They differ in that are divided on red and blue intervals cm long.

The shortest kras Nye bar.

Plates with numbers from to .

The description, the child displays bars in the same poryad ke which was studied on red bars.

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It has such

It has such Dee the rector told welcome speech and praised the best learning nicknames.

Mother sighed, without having heard a surname of the girl in the list of the best.

A concert began, and mother with impatience became to wait for performance of the daughter.

It has such beautiful voice.

In a new golden dress it will look the real singer.

I hope, she will sing the song about friendship which I advised mother reflected.

New fate Eight and One ensemble.

The song Win the death was declared by the thin boy of the compere.

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Or, as option, goalkeeper

Or, as option, goalkeeper If the goalkeeper catches a ball, at random throws out it in field, trying not to give what preference whether bo from teams.

There are some options of times twisting of events after the scored goal all players still remain in the field in the roles, and game is conducted to the certain quantities of the balls hammered with one of teams; the player who hammered a ball is interchanged the position with the former goalkeeper.

Or, as option, goalkeeper of hundred one of players of opposite team novitsya.

If plays more than two teams, instead of having lost sew, that is not hammered a ball or lagged behind on the general to quantity of points, in the field leaves following etc.

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