Then hairdressers

Then hairdressers The woman thanked Margarita and told it If you cut people these scissors and priche to put them this hairbrush, even the worst hair will be pre to rotate in very dense and beautiful.

Having told it, the woman quickly left.

All this occurred in the face of two very angry and zavistli vy hairdressers who too wanted to receive such in strument.

They sent the servants to Vasnuzhi's searches.

But about there was a month, and servants did not come back.

Then hairdressers solve whether to move off in searches of the magician VasnuzhI. Nako not c, they found it in small and very beautiful lodge.

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Whether Whether it means, what parents do not love the children?

That it is necessary to change in this family that mother is more smiled?

Why the star decided to help mother?

Present that you are parents and your children got lost in le sou, what you would undertake?

Dialogue Strict mother Couple of children gets out.

One person from couple plays a role ma we, another the son.

Children read on roles dialogue, and then obsuzh give it on questions.

Mother What do you do, Ilya?

Son I do homework.

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Without awareness

Without awareness In the education of all this, of course, you can use, but only after how the child is explained, and he understands what is happening with theM. Without awareness of child himself, his behaviour, his relationship with the environment there is no true education, and there is the mode that was enforced to him older.


Even training.

Dog training can be taught some new own STV animal, and they will become second nature, but with man this is impossible can.

Let's see the clip where children speak about what kind of punishment they feel useful and what is not.

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Ask each

Ask each Why sometimes children do not trust the parents?

To whom from native you trust more and why?


Creative task Family Precepts Divide children into groups.

Ask each group to make list of the most important family precepts.

Then teacher together with children makes the general list of family precepts.

Predlo zhit to children to write down these precepts on a separate leaf and to discuss them with parents.

If the trust is lost Mother Timki often spoke to the girlfriend I from Timoshkaya have no problems.

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Also thinks

Also thinks It was necessary to agree to the old man.

Peresta the neighbor twisted a fence so, as if a pear tree in it sobstven number to a garden grew.

Also thinks Today I will call the prince.

It is necessary to try only earlier as the pear is able on branches to jump.

The neighbor so loudly that from a near pine of the cone shouted fell down A pear, a pear, run, That enemies did not overtake!

From a branch on a branch pryg!

With lower on the top pryg!

Only look, do not break to yourself a neck hurriedly!

And a pear from a place.

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