Well, the breeze

Well, the breeze The face of the poor woman, and children cheerfully lit up with pleasure clapped the hands.

Well, the breeze thinks, I made the business, I will treat now further.

Fliedflied a breeze with the wind and arrived in a big kra gray city.

Here for you some work, the wind told a wind ku; I have nothing to do here; I will treat further, and you accept sya rather for work.

Told and dashed away and so soon that and to ask a breeze not was in time that to it to do.

Around, where you will look all houses and houses and such beautiful one of a brick, other of a wild kam nya, were also marble, and beside houses shady gardens.

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We should

We should So You're saying that there should be some boundary.

If it does not exist in nature, we are not allowed to use to its educational purposes.

It could be a story about some kind of heroism, but.

Part two Say, if we are talking about a person who on his way overcomes various obstacles and achieve success, that as many as you want.

We should to give the child such examples.

But no need to attract dragons.

Well, if we use them as symbols?

For example, the dragon symbolizes a certain obstacle that is difficult to overcome?

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So broad

So broad Results of the comparative the epidemiological researches conducted by I. P.

Bryazgunov and E.


Kasatikova , , show that in Moscow SDVG met in % of cases, in Shatura in % of cases, in Vladimir in % of cases.

So broad dispersion of values speaks application of different diagnostic criteria and lack of uniformity in structure the studied groups.

At estimation of distribution of SDVG messages of teachers are considered, parents and doctors who will not always be coordinated among themselves as behavior the child can change depending on a situation.

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In difference

In difference Besides, are applied shchiptseobrazny, grableobrazny, grebneobrazny strokings and the ironing is simple.

Other main massage reception in fingertype games is considered grinding.

In difference from stroking thus is made a certain pressure upon a surface and the hand does not slide on it, and as if shifts skin a little, forming ahead a fold.

Grinding is carried out by small pillows of fingers or a palm and also happens zigzag, helicoid and rectilinear.

Treat this reception also such massage movements as pileniye, planing, shtrikhovaniye and peresekaniye.

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The Osalenny

The Osalenny On to the earth the big platform is outlined.

The minimum number of players .

Ulichnl and Jboroyosh.

igrys by the help of draw choose hunters, ostal ny players become arkhara mountain goats.

Arkhara move on all platforM. On a whitefish to cash hunters pursue them, trying to get in players balls.

The Osalenny player sits down on the earth, hunter runs up to it and touches it sleep ny.

It means that it is caught.

Rules After all arkhara are caught, you other hunters, and game biratsya about About it dolzhatsya.

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But the child

But the child With the correct surround soup environment.

But he is afraid that his parents with him forever, and that he not going to live forever!

And it too will forever remain so.

He will grow to reach Sauveur sinsta.

We must explain how during his earthly life he unity with others, can feel the eternity of nature.

We need to show him all this perspective.

But the child cannot agree that someday it will not?

Of course.

That is why children take it on earth, the animal So, in essence, what should be taught to children at this age?

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