How to give

How to give How to give a child a world in which rum so much trouble, if you want to show him the good and the bond between us?

I think that we are living through a period when should release out of all these fantasies and codes Human development from to From the false miracles?

In General from all miracles and all kinds of fantasies that has been accompanied Ute humanity from its earliest stages of development.

We will have admit that it is empty and harmful activities, as provoke in us a false representation of reality.

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Material of red wooden

Material of red wooden There is a step structure a ladder.

Red bars since , years Purposes, formation of the concepts the long short; time twisting of a motility, coordination of movements, formation on ryadkovy structures, preparation for work with numerical bars.

Material of red wooden bars most korot Kai cm, the longest M. Description bars lie on a carpet in a disorder.

Teacher compares the long and the shortest, calling theM. Starting with the longest, puts at the upper edge of a carpet, then the beret shorter also puts it before the first.

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The tutor

The tutor Instructions to carrying out game While mice run away from the storeroom, the tutor lifts a rope that it did not disturb to children, and then lowers it and runs to catch up with mice.

The tutor has to watch, that children, beside darling under a rope, did not touch it.

By means of this game the tutor develops at children ability to carry out the movements on a signal.

Children uprazh nyatsya in a podlezaniye, in run.

Rabbits Description of game On one party of a platform circles are outlined cages of rabbits.

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There is no more

There is no more However that did fellows villager, Domingo died.

His eyes were closed that never not to open any more.

Sobbed mother it Violently, the aunt Maria, friends and acquaintances, and slesadly lamented share fell unconscious.

There is no more Domingo!

people spoke.

Is not present more goodhearted and hardworking boy.

And suddenly there was that beggar, which tatter of Domingo washed and which was given to drink by coffee.

But now on it was not the dirty rags, and snowwhite clothes, and her face radiated light.

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One person

One person The sketch That for youth went!

Gets out four children.

One person from couple plays a role mothers, another the father, the third the eldest son, the fourth mlad shy.

Children read a sketch on roles and discuss it on questions.

Mother In shop descend, Anton, Milk buy, a long loaf.

Still potato came to an end, You hear me, Antoshk?

Son Mother, I do not play, You do not see, I read, I cannot stop I still had three pages!

Father Help to me, Anton, To repair the crane, it began to drip.

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Main thing, let yours

Main thing, let yours What to do if the child appeared is more observant than you, and you did not manage to distract its attention?

The kid is sorry birdie Poor woodpecker!

Mother explains to the son The woodpecker was offended by the bad person, and the birdie died.

It is not necessary to speak much.

Main thing, let yours intonations will be sincere.

Draw the birdie lying on the brown leaves.

Mother comments I wrote below Poor, poor woodpecker!

It will not fly and knock on trees any more.

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