State assessment

State assessment After beta training course EEGBOS clinical improvement was noted at % of patients.

State assessment by means of SNAPIV scale after beta training course EEGBOS increase of attention, decrease shows considerable decrease in a carelessness hyperactivity indicators, insignificant decrease in indicators of impulsiveness.

Undesirable side effects and complications were not noted.

When in a clinical picture impulsiveness, and also in the presence dominates the increased level of alarm, tics, headaches, carrying out the EEGBOS procedures with increase in an alpha rhythm alpha training is possible.

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In support

In support Besides, experts note that children with SDVG behave much more quietly at interaction with fathers.

In support group also grandmothers and grandfathers but only provided that they will support can enter the rules and laws developed in a family.

However very often grandmothers and grandfathers become first victims of children and especially teenagers with SDVG.

Being excessively soft, they allow grandsons to manipulate themselves.

And showing the unmotivated the rigidity caused by misunderstanding of features of children with this diagnosis, and sometimes rejection of lifestyle of modern children and teenagers in general, they can cause aggressive flashes and protest from outside inconvenient grandsons.

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With its help

With its help Instruction Who from you at least appeared once in such situation, when other children not wanted to play with it?

Who from you sometime was offended by the friend, having answered your request To me now there is no time?

Sometimes we should face that others do not want to communicate with us.

In such cases we can be helped by our imagination.

With its help we can keep the good the relation to itself.

And I now will show you as it can be made.

Sit down, please, more conveniently and close eyes.

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Daughter !

Dialogue Why worries mother?

Couple of children gets out.

One person from couple plays a role ma Teri, another daughters.

Children read on roles dialogue, and then obsuzh give it on questions.

Daughter Mummy, leave alone, I ask, You see, I hurry Tanya waits for me long ago, With it we go to cinema.

Mother The daughter, I only asked, That you to me did not forget After the movie to call, You started being rude.

Daughter Mother, I love you, I am not rude at all, Simply you have to try Not to take offense at me.

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Color marks

Color marks To cause an emotional response at remains, read charming verses .

Alexandrova Sledge swept down, More strong, a doll, keep!

You sit do not fall, There flute ahead!

igra The multicolored finish Game task to move down from a hill on a sledge as it is possible further on one of color marks in the bottom of a slope.

Color marks can be as the main flowers, and their shades if you want to acquaint kids with theM. Didactic tasks to exercise in distinction and naming of flowers and them shades to cause sympathy for a favourite toy, to encourage mutual aid kids during rise.

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All got children

All got children Children went, on what without turning attention, and only when came across to them low svetlozele ny bushes of blackberry or bright red raspberry they for a minute stopped to regale on juicy berries.

All got children into the wood deeper and more deeply.

There was more to brushwood, than on an edge where poor people and more often looked under birat everything that it was possible to take.

Collecting a twig behind a twig, a branch behind a branch children not considerably gathered basketfuls.

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