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And then

And then In the beginning of the conversation, which was not included in the video, she said when asked Seeley girls from the first group that you can suggest to themselves if to step back and look at the incident from the side, it is already about this thought.

And then she realized that she was in it something is and it is described.

Then it continued in the General discussion.

Wonderful description, isn't it?


This was the beginning of the realization of evil.

She's told me that as it flashes anger, and it cannot be stopped.

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Here and always

Here and always Hey, the Snowball, run on the left, there in the valley the badger goes.

And well catch it!

The old man will not manage to finish speaking, and the Snowball rushes from the mountain down.

And in a minute of a badger will drag.

The nice hunter was the Snowball!

The neighbor learned about all this and was annoyed Eh, in vain I gave this puppy for three copper coins.

Here and always so!

People use my kindness.

It went to the old man Give me, the neighbor, the Snowball for one day.

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Many weeks

Many weeks When it passed by, continually bending down, that to lift something, she smiled to a family, but nobody answered it on greeting.

Many weeks later they were learned that small hundred the rushka devoted all life to select from a beach of wasps glass splittings with which children could cut to themselves feet.

Questions and tasks to the fairy tale As you think why the old woman devoted all the life to this occupation?

As you think if people learned, than actually zani the old woman matsya, what they would make?

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Another One little fairy brought a tiny leaf podorozh nickname also put it on a wound.

Another asked God's cows ku to play with the girl the game Rain or Bucket.

And the third on called a breeze that it smoothed to the girl the disheveled hair.

And the girl it became so good that she started smiling and ig host with fairies.

After that the girl always came to a clearing fairies if to it it was bad.

When she grew up big, she did not forget a clearing with fairies and at a difficult moment always called little fairies to the aid.

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