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The desire

The desire After a few years indicate that alcoholics and drug addicts can't more use of alcohol and drugs.

They will no longer feel addicted to this?

They just feel that it is a lie and will not be able to use this as the means of calming himself.

The desire to receive fulfillment grow so, it will not be able to be satisfied fulfillment that give drug Ki or alcohol.

And then to the % will be added % of the population.

It will be terrible!

And what makes it your method?

Why is this, and not the other?

The form of our desire, egoism, takes a global and integral the form, that is we, all people are completely interrelated, and ve demone egoists.

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One morning

One morning Why I give to the old man the production, abused myself sheepdog.

He cooked soup and treated me.

It does not have anything, except vegetables and porridge, the dog confusedly thought.

One morning the old man came on the waste ground, put for ov porridge bowl also told cups Today you, remain in the settlement one.

I should go in the city behind products and mail.

In the evening I will return.

Nobody is necessary to me, and you too, grumbled in reply dog.

The old man put on skis and left on station.

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I will manage

I will manage And mother went to other neighbors to mourn the dead man, after her death somebody from native came to mourn the dead and it.

According to wise answers of the girl brothers thought that she, can to be, will be able to help them, and told it, why they puteshe stvut in this world.

I will manage to help you, she told, only tell to your brother that he sent me a silk tape, izgo tovlenny from sand, and the needle made of small stones then I will sew to it nogovitsa and chuvyak.

Those hurried home and transferred to the brother the answer of the girl.

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You look, do not say to the sun that

You look, do not say to the sun that And I am very thirsty.

Go for me.

The maiden led it to an old oak, and from under it the spring beats pure ice cold water.

Andrey bent down and got drunk in plenty waters spring.

And here and the sun started going down from the sky in the mansion.

It is necessary to it to go and not in forces he to leave the maiden.

You look, do not say to the sun that here saw me, the maiden told, rose up and began to shine the clear from there asterisk.

Andrey went to a mansion.

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