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To talk about

But their talk focused on the goal, the implementation of more than women, finding pleasure or satisfaction in the process of conversation.To talk about something?Even if this does not lead to co the final result?No, but You see how it is conversations women can cha to return the clock.We talk about education, and I would like to know how to properly approach go to the education.Our goal is to build the human, and no matter who is in front of us a girl or a boy.Of course, but everyone should have the fix in their own way.


Instead of sacks it is possible to throw cones.By means of this game the tutor develops at children ability to work on a signal.Children practise in a throwing right and left hand.GAMES FOR CHILDREN of YEARS GAMES OF BIG MOBILITY GAMES with RUN Quicker in places Description of game Children become in a circle at distance extended in the parties of hands.The place everyone playing is noted any subject, for example cube, which it is put on a floor.By the word of the tutor run or on a tambourine beat Children leave a circle, go, run or jump on to all platform rooM

My mother

We must better understand the nature and follow it with hiM

The dolls

the dolls representing women, men and children; doll furniture, clothes, ware, transport for dolls, toy money, toy animals house and wild, specially taken away corner for games with water and sand, clothes or elements of clothes for the child, handbags, masks, sets of the doctor and hairdresser, toy metalwork tools, construction blocks, paper, etc.On to opinion of a number of authors, at the initial stage of therapy work is especially effective the child with unstructured material sand, clay, plasticine, paints, water and etc.

And when

Loaded Maun Zita with royal gifts three carts and from it was ruled back home.And when it reached the native village, shared wealth equally between peasants.Since then in did not become the village poor, all began to live happily, continued vos hvaly Maun Zita's virtues.And Maun Zita, faithful to the to oath always to remain kind and modest, continued I rub to get to on an equal basis with all residents of the village.And grateful fellows villager in memory about noble Maun Sieve called the village by his name.


Questions and tasks to the fairy tale Present that the kind magician presented to each of you wings.Tell where you depart on these wings, and draw the travel.Whether you dreamed sometime of wings?Tell about any situation from the life, when to you wings could be useful.Pair children off.One child in couple a hedgehog, another butterfly.Children have to think up a small sketch how oh the barrel taught a hedgehog to fly.Draw a hedgehog of how at him appeared kry lyshka.

However as practice, in certain

However as practice, in certain cases shows some psychophysiological features of the child, pedagogical neglect, absence of motivation to training, the first stages of interaction with the pupils not ready to acceptance of responsibility for own study, in the course of correctional work of the psychologist or work of the teacher at a lesson or interactions of parents and the child when performing homeworks expediently implementation of the individualization of the I type assuming control of the adult over activity of school students Depending on a way of perception of the world and a training material in particular pupils conditionally share on intuitivist and logisticians.


The accurate but not offending control over performance by the child of tasks the regular check of notebooks, diary, oral poll.Whenever possible granting to the child with SDVG of the first school desk where it is easier for the teacher to control his behavior, and audience round it and opportunities to distract it is less.Explaining a training material, it is desirable for receiving feedback for a thicket to look in the face to the child.Correlation of volume of a training material with a volume of attention of the child reduction of volume tasks, extra time for end of the begun task, breaks between tasks, demanding active attention, giving for a short period only small volume of new material, etc.


Belchonok The stock is absent.Number of players .In one igryvsa participants become in a circle, in the middle of it the driving belchonok.Participants have to go on and to speak to a circle Rules You, belchonok of ryzhenkiya, With a tail downy, We water gave to drink to you, Yes fed with nutlets.You do not bite us, Better with us play.Whom you want catch up!After these words all players run up, and driving has to catch theM

Material. bars

It has such

Dee the rector told welcome speech and praised the best learning nicknames.Mother sighed, without having heard a surname of the girl in the list of the best.A concert began, and mother with impatience became to wait for performance of the daughter.It has such beautiful voice.In a new golden dress it will look the real singer.I hope, she will sing the song about friendship which I advised mother reflected.New fate Eight and One ensemble.The song Win the death was declared by the thin boy of the compere.

Or, as option, goalkeeper

If the goalkeeper catches a ball, at random throws out it in field, trying not to give what preference whether bo from teams.There are some options of times twisting of events after the scored goal all players still remain in the field in the roles, and game is conducted to the certain quantities of the balls hammered with one of teams; the player who hammered a ball is interchanged the position with the former goalkeeper.Or, as option, goalkeeper of hundred one of players of opposite team novitsya.If plays more than two teams, instead of having lost sew, that is not hammered a ball or lagged behind on the general to quantity of points, in the field leaves following etc.

Well, the breeze

The face of the poor woman, and children cheerfully lit up with pleasure clapped the hands.Well, the breeze thinks, I made the business, I will treat now further.Fliedflied a breeze with the wind and arrived in a big kra gray city.Here for you some work, the wind told a wind ku; I have nothing to do here; I will treat further, and you accept sya rather for work.Told and dashed away and so soon that and to ask a breeze not was in time that to it to do.Around, where you will look all houses and houses and such beautiful one of a brick, other of a wild kam nya, were also marble, and beside houses shady gardens.

We should

So You're saying that there should be some boundary.If it does not exist in nature, we are not allowed to use to its educational purposes.It could be a story about some kind of heroism, but.Part two Say, if we are talking about a person who on his way overcomes various obstacles and achieve success, that as many as you want.We should to give the child such examples.But no need to attract dragons.Well, if we use them as symbols?For example, the dragon symbolizes a certain obstacle that is difficult to overcome?

So broad

Results of the comparative the epidemiological researches conducted by I

In difference

Besides, are applied shchiptseobrazny, grableobrazny, grebneobrazny strokings and the ironing is simple.Other main massage reception in fingertype games is considered grinding.In difference from stroking thus is made a certain pressure upon a surface and the hand does not slide on it, and as if shifts skin a little, forming ahead a fold.Grinding is carried out by small pillows of fingers or a palm and also happens zigzag, helicoid and rectilinear.Treat this reception also such massage movements as pileniye, planing, shtrikhovaniye and peresekaniye.

The Osalenny

On to the earth the big platform is outlined.The minimum number of players .Ulichnl and Jboroyosh.igrys by the help of draw choose hunters, ostal ny players become arkhara mountain goats.Arkhara move on all platforM

But the child

With the correct surround soup environment.But he is afraid that his parents with him forever, and that he not going to live forever!And it too will forever remain so.He will grow to reach Sauveur sinsta.We must explain how during his earthly life he unity with others, can feel the eternity of nature.We need to show him all this perspective.But the child cannot agree that someday it will not?Of course.That is why children take it on earth, the animal So, in essence, what should be taught to children at this age?

How to give

How to give a child a world in which rum so much trouble, if you want to show him the good and the bond between us?I think that we are living through a period when should release out of all these fantasies and codes Human development from to From the false miracles?In General from all miracles and all kinds of fantasies that has been accompanied Ute humanity from its earliest stages of development.We will have admit that it is empty and harmful activities, as provoke in us a false representation of reality.

Material of red wooden

There is a step structure a ladder.Red bars since , years Purposes, formation of the concepts the long short; time twisting of a motility, coordination of movements, formation on ryadkovy structures, preparation for work with numerical bars.Material of red wooden bars most korot Kai cm, the longest M

The tutor

Instructions to carrying out game While mice run away from the storeroom, the tutor lifts a rope that it did not disturb to children, and then lowers it and runs to catch up with mice.The tutor has to watch, that children, beside darling under a rope, did not touch it.By means of this game the tutor develops at children ability to carry out the movements on a signal.Children uprazh nyatsya in a podlezaniye, in run.Rabbits Description of game On one party of a platform circles are outlined cages of rabbits.

There is no more

However that did fellows villager, Domingo died.His eyes were closed that never not to open any more.Sobbed mother it Violently, the aunt Maria, friends and acquaintances, and slesadly lamented share fell unconscious.There is no more Domingo!people spoke.Is not present more goodhearted and hardworking boy.And suddenly there was that beggar, which tatter of Domingo washed and which was given to drink by coffee.But now on it was not the dirty rags, and snowwhite clothes, and her face radiated light.

One person

The sketch That for youth went!Gets out four children.One person from couple plays a role mothers, another the father, the third the eldest son, the fourth mlad shy.Children read a sketch on roles and discuss it on questions.Mother In shop descend, Anton, Milk buy, a long loaf.Still potato came to an end, You hear me, Antoshk?Son Mother, I do not play, You do not see, I read, I cannot stop I still had three pages!Father Help to me, Anton, To repair the crane, it began to drip.

Main thing, let yours

What to do if the child appeared is more observant than you, and you did not manage to distract its attention?The kid is sorry birdie Poor woodpecker!Mother explains to the son The woodpecker was offended by the bad person, and the birdie died.It is not necessary to speak much.Main thing, let yours intonations will be sincere.Draw the birdie lying on the brown leaves.Mother comments I wrote below Poor, poor woodpecker!It will not fly and knock on trees any more.

I like to play

!Dialogue I hate a piano Couple of children gets out.One person from couple plays a role ma we, another the son.Children read on roles dialogue, and then obsuzh give it on questions.Mother Again instead of forte is drunk, Not toys a piano, Anyhow you play, You do not remember a note!Son I do not need these notes, And without them live on light.I like to play soccer, Different to read books.Mother We fight the whole year with you, Only advantage any From occupations!

But how will

But much depends on society, the environment, and how the ka such things will develop more in what connection between them, and whether we to reveal this relation.There is a rigid structure, the person is released as a reprint from printing.But how will develop in it each property and the relationship between these properties depend on society, from the environment.Therefore if we can arrange for a person the right environment, we do not going to see people with such problems phobias that are today.

, all of us very

, each of us has a soft toy., favourite color each of us blue., at each of us mother goes to work., all of us very much love macaronI..., all of us do not take out when somebody peaches , in vacation all of us love to go to the sea.and so on.You have fifteen minutes.That team, which will win will find and will write down the greatest number of common features.Analysis of exercise Whether you learned something interesting about someone from other children?

Parents, native

We love you and very much we appreciate, Anybody you in life it is not replaceable.But grant the right to us to solve, As it is better to come to lives.Mistakes will be all the same, We ask only one from you To understand that quickly we grow, To accept that we get on feet.Parents, native ours, We matured, became more senior.Forgive us when we are rude We do not want to be kids!Believe, we very much love you, We will not forget your care.We yours feel sufferings Also we will justify expectations!Questions and tasks As you think why parents often do not notice that them children matured?

Game We Think

Game We Think of the Homeland Children get up in a circle.The teacher in turn throws a ball to everyone to the child also asks, in what situations of people loves the The homeland, and in what no The person returned from the wood with a bouquet of lilies of the valley; The person plants trees near the house; The person drove up to the lake by the car; The person brought the old car to a special dump for cars; The person threw out garbage in a ditch near the house; After rest in the wood of people dug all garbage; The person gave way in transport to the elderly woman; The doctor was late for work etc.

It is possible

It is possible to take off from a nest only on a signal vos feeder.It is possible to come back to nests only at the poyavl scientific research institute of the car.The order of Instructions to carrying out game At first the car is represented by the tutor, and then he chooses instead of himself one or several children.It is possible for the children representing the car in game to give wheels or tags tags should be held podnya ty up.akshv Can be located with Vorobyshki in nests in circles, nacherchenny on the earth or laid out from cones, pebbles.

When all children

Children with tags of blue color freely to group children rutsya near the tutor opposite to a blue tag, with red tags opposite to red.Then vos the feeder suggests all to take a walk, and children begin ho to dit and run on a platforM

On the road

OPINION OF CHILDREN What do you like to eat?Children of elementary school I dream to eat to satiety sweets.Of course, something tasty and chips.I very much love holidays.Mother prepares much all tasty, and I help it and I try.I like to eat in McDonald's with parents or in cafe.I love when the father prepares the tasty.When I sit at school, I dream of a lunch.On the road from school I buy some portions of ice creaM

And black

If there are glowworms stars there can be also such big star, bright, as hundred thousand stars at once, warm and joyful … Also is on the earth it is a lot of different paints, not one black.And black color is a color big lie, color of deception and evil force.I leave.And so far zhus now only to the one who will believe in the sun.Black brothers gave hands to seize the old man, but the white deer struck with a hoof, the earth parted and disappeared the deer, and the old man disappeared.

And behind

Old men ask Kind people, whether will give a lift us?Somehow will reach, anything with you it will not be become, not will be scattered!the barin and the mistress answer.The driver of horses lashed, and drove a lordly phaeton further.And behind it other phaeton rolls, and in it two barin's sons sit.Again old men ask Young people, make a good deed, bring, and we to you century we will be grateful!On what to us your gratitude!lordly sonnies laugh.From it you will not sew a fur coat!


Mother reddened and nodded.Everything began with this medallion.Timka borrowed from the Bug ten rubles to buy it for me.Girl of a toast la from a pocket of a small Capricorn on a chain also put to mother on a palM

The Tsar

In a trice became lightin the palace.Dkhir Sinkh did not begin to dig the earth, went down on a bottom of the dried well, put a jug, uncovered with a neck.Hammered the fountain from a jug water, sparkling, key, also filled to edges well.The tsar and the people spaced out from surprise.Not the wizard whether this Dkhir Sinkh?There came general fun.The holiday came to the Palace, and in the city too all exulted.The Tsar was especially glad.It gave the daughter Prekrasnolikaya Sumukhi Dobroma Dkhir Sinkhu.Dkhir Sinkh called the illfated brothers, distributed to them also sent a lot of money home for the old woman the mother.

State assessment

After beta training course EEGBOS clinical improvement was noted at % of patients.State assessment by means of SNAPIV scale after beta training course EEGBOS increase of attention, decrease shows considerable decrease in a carelessness hyperactivity indicators, insignificant decrease in indicators of impulsiveness.Undesirable side effects and complications were not noted.When in a clinical picture impulsiveness, and also in the presence dominates the increased level of alarm, tics, headaches, carrying out the EEGBOS procedures with increase in an alpha rhythm alpha training is possible.

In support

Besides, experts note that children with SDVG behave much more quietly at interaction with fathers.In support group also grandmothers and grandfathers but only provided that they will support can enter the rules and laws developed in a family.However very often grandmothers and grandfathers become first victims of children and especially teenagers with SDVG.Being excessively soft, they allow grandsons to manipulate themselves.And showing the unmotivated the rigidity caused by misunderstanding of features of children with this diagnosis, and sometimes rejection of lifestyle of modern children and teenagers in general, they can cause aggressive flashes and protest from outside inconvenient grandsons.

With its help

Instruction Who from you at least appeared once in such situation, when other children not wanted to play with it?Who from you sometime was offended by the friend, having answered your request To me now there is no time?Sometimes we should face that others do not want to communicate with us.In such cases we can be helped by our imagination.With its help we can keep the good the relation to itself.And I now will show you as it can be made.Sit down, please, more conveniently and close eyes.


!Dialogue Why worries mother?Couple of children gets out.One person from couple plays a role ma Teri, another daughters.Children read on roles dialogue, and then obsuzh give it on questions.Daughter Mummy, leave alone, I ask, You see, I hurry Tanya waits for me long ago, With it we go to cinema.Mother The daughter, I only asked, That you to me did not forget After the movie to call, You started being rude.Daughter Mother, I love you, I am not rude at all, Simply you have to try Not to take offense at me.

Color marks

To cause an emotional response at remains, read charming verses .Alexandrova Sledge swept down, More strong, a doll, keep!You sit do not fall, There flute ahead!igra The multicolored finish Game task to move down from a hill on a sledge as it is possible further on one of color marks in the bottom of a slope.Color marks can be as the main flowers, and their shades if you want to acquaint kids with theM

All got children

Children went, on what without turning attention, and only when came across to them low svetlozele ny bushes of blackberry or bright red raspberry they for a minute stopped to regale on juicy berries.All got children into the wood deeper and more deeply.There was more to brushwood, than on an edge where poor people and more often looked under birat everything that it was possible to take.Collecting a twig behind a twig, a branch behind a branch children not considerably gathered basketfuls.

In May when

The camomile learned a voice of the girlfriend and answered Hi, droplet snowflake, again we together.Again they stirred about everything until the sun took away on sky to a romashkin girlfriend.In May when the camomile opened the first yellow eye, she felt that again not one.On its petal sparkled also the dewdrop was poured.Hi, my dear droplet, my lovely snowflake, mine native bryzgochka, my favourite dewdrop!Hi!I am so glad to see you.This time only some hours they talked.


The same belongs to games with a throwing.Sometimes the tutor holds the game calculated on all group, only with small group of children.It expediently when the tutor puts before itself a task to include in game lowactive ty that they did not feel chilly on walk, or holds game with children who lag behind in any look to a dvizha niya and to them it is necessary to practice.Children of younger group, especially at first their stay in kindergarten, it is possible to include in game not at the same time, and serially one part of group, then another.

But if we give

I can't to be in communication with someone who is taller than me by two notches, but only with the nearest step which is a little above me.With the right approach and under cooking, kids from the second class should teach the first graders.Naturally, I'm not talking about academic disciplines.But if we give the right train of all, the child, grown for a year, will be able to help and take care my youngest.The question is whether this method for all ages?It is suitable for all ages, and we must adapt this under the move to our jizni Human development from to The link You speak of, dynamic?

Having seen

The palace blinked and lit up in the bright pink color.Ania looked at it and remembered how the sister taught it in the summer to float and as read it fairy tales when she was ill.The girl did not know, how many passed time, before on to ladder steps and to the room were heard mother, the father entered, uncle Volodya and little sister Ksyusha.Having seen the shining palace, all stood in amazement.See, I spoke, and you did not trust me cried Ksyusha.You know, An, I took offense and escaped in park.

It is necessary

Then game is resumed.It is necessary to repeat game times.Rules of the game Children leave the house on a signal Go for a walk!Children run home on the tutor's signal Rain went!Instructions to carrying out game Game can be complicated gradually children in the beginning occupy any chair, and then only the.Instead of a lodge it is possible to arrange a figurative canopy from a matter, a big scarf or a blanket to stretch which child from senior groups helps the tutor py.Children hide from a rain under a canopy.At first children gather under a canopy in an opreda Lynn a place, and then the canopy is arranged in different me platform sta.

Thanks for a crop, polyushko, the old man bowed. Thanks, kernels

He hears

He looks at life in a clever and above.The question is how and at what age, he understands it?Actually it is not important, because in any case leaves it from signets.Perhaps he does not understand, but he had the impression that the world great, everything is open.He feels that involved had included his destiny in the world.He hears about the problems of ecology and Economics, on the world the first crisis that development began many thousands of years ago, and now everything must change.This is a very broad Outlook.

Etc. On a leaf


The adult explains It is ants, they the small; there is a lot of theM

Reported on the tsar

Reported on the tsar the soninlaw wants to talk to him supposedly.The tsar ordered immediately prive its st.And the guy brought to the tsar the complaint What this such?Why it was kept all night long under a lock?Leave you it, the sonny!the tsar answered it.You are better listen that my daughter told us.For what you gave it three slaps in the face?For what refused the bed?And the guy already thought up what to answer the tsar, after all Happiness and Mind again it was helped.

Are able

It is good that children are able to forgive us, even without our requests.Are able while they small, but cease, becoming teenagers.They lose the ability to forgive if we do not teach them to it.And the most important any punishment becomes antinakazan I eat in two cases.If it inconsistent and if in a family is not present unities.When mother says that the child will not go for a walk because of bad behavior, and right there releases it.When the child, is punished ny mother, immediately says goodbye the father.

The desire

After a few years indicate that alcoholics and drug addicts can't more use of alcohol and drugs.They will no longer feel addicted to this?They just feel that it is a lie and will not be able to use this as the means of calming himself.The desire to receive fulfillment grow so, it will not be able to be satisfied fulfillment that give drug Ki or alcohol.And then to the % will be added % of the population.It will be terrible!And what makes it your method?Why is this, and not the other?The form of our desire, egoism, takes a global and integral the form, that is we, all people are completely interrelated, and ve demone egoists.

One morning

Why I give to the old man the production, abused myself sheepdog.He cooked soup and treated me.It does not have anything, except vegetables and porridge, the dog confusedly thought.One morning the old man came on the waste ground, put for ov porridge bowl also told cups Today you, remain in the settlement one.I should go in the city behind products and mail.In the evening I will return.Nobody is necessary to me, and you too, grumbled in reply dog.The old man put on skis and left on station.

I will manage

And mother went to other neighbors to mourn the dead man, after her death somebody from native came to mourn the dead and it.According to wise answers of the girl brothers thought that she, can to be, will be able to help them, and told it, why they puteshe stvut in this world.I will manage to help you, she told, only tell to your brother that he sent me a silk tape, izgo tovlenny from sand, and the needle made of small stones then I will sew to it nogovitsa and chuvyak.Those hurried home and transferred to the brother the answer of the girl.

You look, do not say to the sun that

And I am very thirsty.Go for me.The maiden led it to an old oak, and from under it the spring beats pure ice cold water.Andrey bent down and got drunk in plenty waters spring.And here and the sun started going down from the sky in the mansion.It is necessary to it to go and not in forces he to leave the maiden.You look, do not say to the sun that here saw me, the maiden told, rose up and began to shine the clear from there asterisk.Andrey went to a mansion.

And then

In the beginning of the conversation, which was not included in the video, she said when asked Seeley girls from the first group that you can suggest to themselves if to step back and look at the incident from the side, it is already about this thought.And then she realized that she was in it something is and it is described.Then it continued in the General discussion.Wonderful description, isn't it?Yes.This was the beginning of the realization of evil.She's told me that as it flashes anger, and it cannot be stopped.

Here and always

Hey, the Snowball, run on the left, there in the valley the badger goes.And well catch it!The old man will not manage to finish speaking, and the Snowball rushes from the mountain down.And in a minute of a badger will drag.The nice hunter was the Snowball!The neighbor learned about all this and was annoyed Eh, in vain I gave this puppy for three copper coins.Here and always so!People use my kindness.It went to the old man Give me, the neighbor, the Snowball for one day.

Many weeks

When it passed by, continually bending down, that to lift something, she smiled to a family, but nobody answered it on greeting.Many weeks later they were learned that small hundred the rushka devoted all life to select from a beach of wasps glass splittings with which children could cut to themselves feet.Questions and tasks to the fairy tale As you think why the old woman devoted all the life to this occupation?As you think if people learned, than actually zani the old woman matsya, what they would make?


One little fairy brought a tiny leaf podorozh nickname also put it on a wound.Another asked God's cows ku to play with the girl the game Rain or Bucket.And the third on called a breeze that it smoothed to the girl the disheveled hair.And the girl it became so good that she started smiling and ig host with fairies.After that the girl always came to a clearing fairies if to it it was bad.When she grew up big, she did not forget a clearing with fairies and at a difficult moment always called little fairies to the aid.

Please, approach

After that it can return on the place.To whom addressed, chooses the following pupil and welcomes its just the same in a way.Thus, this friendly gesture travels up and down on everything to class.Please, approach only those children who were not greeted yet.Track that any child was not left without vnimaniya.Applause around GAME with years Purposes In this remarkable and extraordinary ritual everything occurs on paradoxical logic.The last become the first.Game is constructed in such a way that intensity of an applause gradually accrues and reaches the apogee when the last child receives an applause all class.

We on a berezhka

And what of them very best?In a box not to count them!I will come to the coast together with mother I will look for a new stone!Game option Next time it is possible to offer game option, in which main subject sign weight.We on a berezhka will go we will find an easy stone!The adult shows how to weigh a stone on a palm, keeps saying Heavy, and this heavy, and where the easy?Draws attention of children to to big piece of pumice.No, it heavy!Kirilka declares.And udivlyaetsya when the stone lays down on its palm Easy!

For example

The teacher bypasses all children and vkla dyvat in hands someone one small toy Kolobok.This the child sympathetic Kolobok.Everyone thinks out also races tells Kolobok any difficult situation, in which he got.Kolobok has to help children to find a fantastic way out from this or that situation.For example in the wood I was attacked by robbers and bound to to tree.Kolobok I will call the friend of the hare, and it the of wasps try teeth gnaws through a rope.After Kolobok on can to any of children, this person changes with him places mi, and game proceeds.


The album will develop not only interest and love to fine live, he will help to make a view of the kid of the nature more fixed.Attracting attention of the baby to, apparently, insignificant phenomena, we help to see in them singularity and beauty.In an album of the developed child can to appear and such records The wind blew, and water in the small river screwed up the face.It is ripples; There was a rain, and the earth became red loam in the field; Goats made to itself paths as steps.You paid attention, what short laconic records.

In this

There they learn to be careful to the relatives and to dear people.There they find cheerful and loyal friends.The kind Country always near our children.She hides in a tender smile of mother and in father's hands.It together with yours mi children when they love, help and protect.In this chapter we want to share with you those sparks wisdom which your children brought to us from travel on over the amazing country of WisdoM

Then hairdressers

The woman thanked Margarita and told it If you cut people these scissors and priche to put them this hairbrush, even the worst hair will be pre to rotate in very dense and beautiful.Having told it, the woman quickly left.All this occurred in the face of two very angry and zavistli vy hairdressers who too wanted to receive such in strument.They sent the servants to Vasnuzhi's searches.But about there was a month, and servants did not come back.Then hairdressers solve whether to move off in searches of the magician VasnuzhI


Whether it means, what parents do not love the children?That it is necessary to change in this family that mother is more smiled?Why the star decided to help mother?Present that you are parents and your children got lost in le sou, what you would undertake?Dialogue Strict mother Couple of children gets out.One person from couple plays a role ma we, another the son.Children read on roles dialogue, and then obsuzh give it on questions.Mother What do you do, Ilya?Son I do homework.

Without awareness

In the education of all this, of course, you can use, but only after how the child is explained, and he understands what is happening with theM

Ask each

Why sometimes children do not trust the parents?To whom from native you trust more and why?!Creative task Family Precepts Divide children into groups.Ask each group to make list of the most important family precepts.Then teacher together with children makes the general list of family precepts.Predlo zhit to children to write down these precepts on a separate leaf and to discuss them with parents.If the trust is lost Mother Timki often spoke to the girlfriend I from Timoshkaya have no problems.

Also thinks

It was necessary to agree to the old man.Peresta the neighbor twisted a fence so, as if a pear tree in it sobstven number to a garden grew.Also thinks Today I will call the prince.It is necessary to try only earlier as the pear is able on branches to jump.The neighbor so loudly that from a near pine of the cone shouted fell down A pear, a pear, run, That enemies did not overtake!From a branch on a branch pryg!With lower on the top pryg!Only look, do not break to yourself a neck hurriedly!And a pear from a place.


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